I went to Elynn when I wanted to take my business to the next level. I knew something was off in the way I was presenting myself, but I couldnt figure out what it was. Elynn showed me how my VALUE and my PRESENCE were linked to my wardrobe. I already knew I am very good at what I do……now I have complete strangers coming up to me telling me how amazing I am! I get complements on what I wear all the time, and I am unmistakable when I walk into a room. No one forgets who I am. Thank you Elynn!

Brooke, Rapid Transformation Therapist MPM

“Since Elynn clarified my essence, I have a whole new relationship to life! I understand myself and others better; am a more effective communicator; more at ease with people; simply feel more “connected” to life. I had no idea how far off the mark I was — the benefits of this class go so far beyond clothing I can’t list. You owe it to yourself to take this class! Invaluable!!” Krista White, singer

For the first time, I am VISIBLE to other people! I’m out of my black and white uniform and people are telling me that I look GREAT!

Kathryn, Hairdresser, Artist 

When I look in my closet, there is ROOM for ME! I love this! It is FUN and feels so good!
Cynthia, Life Coach

I can see me again! I was trying to hide. But it wasn’t working! I’m going to stand up and quit trying to please everyone!
Jennifer, Guidance Counselor 

When I dress in my Magician clothing, I just can’t tell my sad stories. I feel more fun and light!
Barbara, Teacher, Writer

Everyone asked me if I lost weight. I just wore the firm, Queen clothing that you showed me. It’s fun having everyone at work commenting on how great I look.
Karen, Management 

Men are opening doors for me. And stopping me to tell me how beautiful I look!
W.K. Washington, DC