Suzanne Evans

I love how Suzanne Evans gives us permission to strut our stuff! Suzanne Evans has become the “Tell it like it is”, no fluff boss of business building. As owner and founder of Suzanne Evans Coaching, LLC she went from secretary to surpassing the seven-figure mark in just over three years.

As she struts her unapologetic large frame across her stage, she has told audiences, “I was fat, gay and broke. If I can do it, you can do it. Having lived in southern California for 25 years where skinny is the only way to be respected in many venues, I was so inspired to see Suzanne confidently OWN the stage and speak as the authority that she is.

Suzanne is a Queen archetype, the off with their heads type of Queen but FUNNY as heck! I have watched her clothing journey in her social media pics. A Queen is best supported by structured fabric. You can see that a soft knit fabric is not Suzanne’s best look. And more recently she has been exploring a light chiffon and drapey looks that also do not have enough structure to support her energy type.

I love her kickin’ it pic. It matches her straightforward energy. Notice how structured fabrics have a look of more authority on Suzanne. The beige jacket in her kickin’ it pic is not a great color for her. How much pink can one girl wear? On you Suzanne, ALOT! I love your black and pink theme. It’s perfect.

Suzanne’s short hair supports her energy type. She is currently letting it grow. I look forward to seeing where she is taking the length.

We all need change and we go through transitions. Suzanne is in a major transition time with fitness and likely much more. Congratulations on your half marathon Suzanne! Keep up the great work!