Before and Afters

There is a visible progression that we can see as people stand more fully in their power. As a Wardrobe Alchemist and Transformational Image Coach, I can help you take the direct route to stepping more fully into your powerful Presence. If you are already in your power, let’s match your clothing to your essence and amplify your visual message.

ALCHEMY! There is a moment when I dress a client that is IT! Her Spiritual Essence is captured, visually and represented in the physical world. I can see which elements (color, shape, fabric) need to be present to turn my client to GOLD. Then we have your Signature Style Formula. Your formula is a mixture of how your Jungian archetypes and Asian elements need to be represented to shine the best of you. We name the key words to make shopping and dressing much easier.

I love having these public speakers as examples to see the transformations! Enjoy the following pages of these Rock Stars who bravely put their faces and wisdom out in the world for us to use and grow from.

May you be the next super Rock Star! Get yourself out there…right after you have your power pictures and wardrobe on.