Where does Presence come from?

True Presence comes from the Divine. It is the Light that shines through us. We have inborn Divine Gifts. We have an  inborn Divine Life Purpose. Divine energies are working through us. The 5 Asian Elements are Divine energies with natural ways of expressing  that are active in our bodies and Being.

When we are aligned with our Divine Gifts the Divine can work through us more easily.
I can see your Divine Energies and Gifts and give you a formula to more easily allow the Divine to flow through you.


Energy. Visual Impression. Confidence. Authenticity. Energy field. Voice. Perceived Value. Integrity. Congruency. Intention. Service.


I offer coaching on most aspects of having an authentic, magnetic powerful Presence. Positive Presence entails knowing yourself and confidently BEing. Let’s explore your non verbal messages.

Do you sell a product or service? How do you feel inside when you are making your offer?
We will release anything in the way of you being relaxed and confident in your presentation. We can release issues around money, rejection, selling, your value etc…

Posture, voice, body confidence, weight loss, any vulnerability around being SEEN can be included in your personalized coaching package. Your energy field can be collapsed or expanded. We will explore how to adjust, to be aware of your energy field and its impact.



What happens when you step in front of your audience? How engaging is your Presence?The goal is to show your authentic self and to create a connection with your audience with a magnetic field of attraction.

When you step onto your stage…on a physical stage, in a YouTube, on a webinar or in a photo used anywhere… your presence is on display. People do business with people that they know, like and trust.

I believe that everyone is amazing and lovable in their unique gifts. When we use our strengths and are authentic…we deliver value with our gifts and message or product.

Yes, we need to offer something valuable! And the visuals of the person making the offer impact the audience.

So get out of your own way, remember you can never be too prepared, understand that the learning process never stops for a professional, and embrace the special opportunities you get as a messenger to share your talents and gifts with the world!

Sign up for the coaching that  you’ve been meaning to get, up level your wardrobe,  join Toast Masters, make a video…what’s your next step?