Presence Assessment

Your visual impression :
Do your clothes frame and support you? Is your level of dress matching the level of price point you are charging? Are you dressing from your natural 5 Element strengths? How’s your stance?

Your confidence:
Let’s assess where you are and are not confident…with your material? with your timing and pace? with talking to your audience? with making your offer? with your physical body?

Your authenticity:
Are you allowing your true nature out? Do you feel you need to hide aspects of your nature? Do you feel too nerdy? too sexy? too rigid? smart enough? If you are shy, we learn to use it in an endearing way.

Your energy field:
Are you owning the stage? Are you owning the value of your message? We are going to get sensitive here and sense if your energy is big enough to reach your audience or too big and beating them with your words.

Your voice:
I can coach basics with voice but refer in some cases.

Our voice tells so much about how we are feeling inside and towards our audience (professionally and personally). We can release the emotions and beliefs to clear some common elements to having a clear, strong voice:

Issues inside of you: inadequacy, apology,

Issues towards your audience around what you think they may be judging you for or not buying from you for: annoyance, fear

Your perceived value:
We are going to assess what you are projecting about your value and your product’s value.
If you don’t own your value, your audience won’t want to pay you either. It’s best to know what level of income you want from your product or service. Brand yourself to that customer. What is your product’s value to your ideal client?

What happens when you step in front of your audience? How engaging is your Presence?The goal is to show your authentic self and to create a connection with your audience with a magnetic field of attraction.

When you step onto your stage…on a physical stage, in a YouTube, on a webinar or in a photo used anywhere… People do business with people that they know, like and trust.

I believe that everyone is amazing and lovable in their unique gifts. When we use our strengths and are authentic…we deliver value with our gifts and message or product.

Yes, we need to offer something valuable! And the visuals of the person making the offer impact the audience.

Good stage presence is always marked by confidence – and the only way someone gains confidence is from knowing your topic or craft, practice, experience and positive reinforcement. A good performer knows his or her weaknesses, quickly identifies them, and takes the necessary steps to improve those areas. No one is perfect, but capitalizing on your strengths and constantly working on improving your weaker areas defines an ever-evolving, true talent with staying power. Get out of your comfort zone so you can build the confidence you need to bring into your stage presence.

Express that strong, confident, no-nonsense side of you that is fierce and fearless in your performance and life.

Embrace the special opportunities you get as a messenger to share your talents and gifts with the world!

Sign up for the coaching that  you’ve been meaning to get,  join Toast Masters, make a video…what’s your next step?