Our Services

Sumadera01s2040Wardrobe Coaching
My proprietary formula goes beyond any singular system to give you a simple strategy to shop and dress. It is more than the four season colors. It is beyond what Carol Tuttle has popularized as a four type system. And it is beyond Taylore Sinclair’s four tone system. My system incorporates an east meets west, the Divine meets the physical, energy psychology meets energy medicine way of perceiving energy. See consults in the menu. http://www.radiantwardrobeandpresence.com/consults-wardrobe/

Presence Coaching   http://www.radiantwardrobeandpresence.com/presence/
I offer coaching on most aspects of having an authentic, magnetic Presence. Positive Presence entails knowing yourself and being comfortable in your own skin. What is being expressed when you aren’t speaking? Let’s explore your non verbal messages.

I use several powerful tools to support you discover and release the internal blocks that have you fall short of your full potential.

Do you sell a product or service? How do you feel inside when you are making your offer?
We will release anything in the way of you being relaxed and confident in your presentation. We can release issues around money, rejection, selling, your value etc…

Posture, voice, body confidence, weight loss, any vulnerability around being SEEN can be included in your personalized coaching package. Your energy field can be collapsed or expanded. We will explore how to adjust, to be aware of your energy field and its impact.

Confidence On Stage Coaching
Doing the one thing that is the biggest fear of most people brings up a myriad of internal responses and emotion.

We use several techniques to release stress and trauma…sometimes there is an old trauma buried or remembered about being ashamed in front of a group at school, family or church. There might be a negative expectation about how people in general respond to you. Don’t worry. This can be neutralized!

Tip: If you’re nervous while preparing to go on stage, hold you “pointer” finger. This is the meridian for fear and it will calm your body!

Weight Loss Coaching
It is not crucial to be at the perfect body weight to be a powerful Presence. However, some people feel a self consciousness about weight that needs to be addressed.

I have a background in nutrition and weight loss and can handle some basics. I do refer to a nutritionist, Lois Pratt that works with getting your digestion and metabolism working for you if you desire greater help. Become a fat burner! http://healthydetermination.com If there are more metabolic issues, I refer to Kelly Calabrese.