Matthew Peters

Matthew Peters, long time film maker is a video Director/Producer and a Speaker/Trainer. He guides his clients to lead with clear messages and powerful videos.

Matthew is the Magician Jungian archetype. Magicians can be light, busy and chaotic. However, Matthew’s Asian elements are major players in his energy signature. He has a creative and deep spiritual nature that is represented well in his black or navy.

Magicians are supported by structured or fitted clothing. Matthew does this well. I don’t know anyone with a favorite pastime of ironing. So, buying quality permapress fabrics or having shirts done at the cleaners is worth the investment for his best look.

Notice the first picture in the green shirt. Matthew has a heart for helping people and is a casual and comfortable person. Notice how the green shirt undermines his value. And notice how the blue patterned shirt ups his value. Matthew has a strong no nonsense side. As he grew away from the boy next door look and products…he is playing a higher level game. He is reflecting his value and true nature.