Katherine Woodard Thomas

Katherine Woodard Thomas, M.A., MFT, is a beloved teacher of mine. She is the author of the New York Times Bestseller Conscious Uncoupling and Calling in the One. She is a teacher to hundreds of thousands of people from all corners of the globe in her virtual learning communities. Katherine is an extraordinary example of being a Powerful Presence aligned with a big Purpose.

Katherine has a palpable wisdom, generosity, kindness and clarity. She has a mature and amazing depth in her emotional and spiritual selves. When a person develops a deep inner loving Presence, no matter what they are wearing their radiant presence shines through.

Katherine is a beautiful woman, let’s look at what we as women go through as we make choices and changes in our wardrobe, transitions and career.

In Jungian psychology, I see Katherine as the Queen archetype. Queens are striking. Katherine as a therapist and coach is incisive with her clear questions, in her case, always delivered with kindness. When she wears her colors (bold, clear), I see her essence more clearly. The decor in the background of her videos and photos is perfect. The dramatic flowers and uncluttered furnishings support the stillness of her Queen Essence.

Notice the two different hues of purple on Katherine. The clear purple with the black print is striking on Katherine. The more plum shade of purple distracts from Katherine. My eye keeps bouncing back to the dress and it won’t stay on her face. It looks like she’s trying to choose colors that are warmer or softer. “Your” colors will keep the focus on your face, ok maybe a nod to your great figure!

Don’t we all want to look inviting? YES! And how we get there is not the same for everyone. Katherine’s warmth is generated from inside. When she wears complex colors vs clear colors, visually we lose her strength. I wonder if she gets tired filming in these colors. Colors and fabric will either support or drain your energy.

Katherine’s new website for Conscious Uncoupling is a lovely green, like the green suit she is wearing. The color is inviting for the clients that are seeking a safe harbor for guidance. It makes a clean uncluttered look for her videos and website. Katherine would stay more in her power with a deeper color and a contrasting blouse.

We all have choices about which aspect of our energy to highlight. And then sometimes the precise color or flattering style we are looking for is not being sold this season. Having your Signature Style Formula allows you to keep an eye out and get your must haves when they are being sold in the stores.

Without draping Katherine in person, I can still see that she likely has a strong water element (the spiritual philosopher). The alchemy comes in knowing what colors and fabrics bring in her secondary and archetype. I can see the tendencies that are wanting to be expressed through her photos. We would have a conversation about her intentions and then bring on her full visual magic.

I would love to see what happens if she included the earth element which I am guessing is her secondary. I think that there is a conflict of which part gets to be expressed, the Queen, water or earth. The earth element can flatten a Queen.

I would love to see a bold statement necklace on Katherine and then watch what happens visually to her Presence.
The delicate necklace that she wears (is that the SRF symbol?) isn’t striking enough with a deep V neck. A V neck, especially a deep V works best on a person with a big fire element. Since Katherine has more water and earth, she needs a more striking, larger necklace with a deep V neck to stay in harmony in her energy field. Earth elements wear jewelry that has a sentimental value to honor the person who gifted them. Water elements wear something with spiritual significance OR something unusual.

ALCHEMY There is a moment when I dress a client that is her IT! Her Spiritual Essence is captured, visually and represented in the physical world. I can see which elements (color, shape, fabric) need to be present to turn my client to GOLD. Then we have your Signature Style Formula. Your formula is a mixture of how your Jungian archetypes and Asian elements need to be represented to shine the best of you. We name the key words to make shopping and dressing much easier.
Then when you shop and dress, your wardrobe supports you, honors you and reflects you.