Frequently Asked Questions

Do you work by Skype?
Yes, I work by Skype or Zoom. There is a lot that we can do remotely. I have successfully worked with a client by email and phone! You may find that you get what you need to be able to dress and shop by yourself after our Skype/email consults. Or you may wish to have an in person shopping trip after our consults to apply your new look with support. Then we can apply my alchemical way of showing you some new possibilities, in stores for looking your most stunning self.

How long does this take?
It depends on your goals. We can usually get your Signature Style Formula done in two sessions. Then we do a third session to see how you are implementing the changes.
Many clients find that a six session coaching package is best to cover head to toe, all the elements of presence.
If you are wanting to remove blocks to your confidence on stage, it’s best to consider a six month coaching package.

What do you charge?
It’s best to have a complementary assessment session to see what your goals are and to discuss cost at that time.

Where are you located?
I live in Capistrano Beach, CA. I can travel to provide my service to groups and individuals.