Consults: Wardrobe

Dress Like A ROCK STAR. Charge what you’re worth!

Are you wanting to attract more clients, sell more programs, triple your income or bring more love into your life? My formula helps you reveal and express your radiant, magnetic Presence.

Your wardrobe will show the best of YOU!  Using my Signature Style Formula, you will know what to wear for any occasion. We all have inborn divine gifts. When you match and reflect your gifts…people will find you irresistible. Your clients, associates, your tribe, your mate will find you more easily because you will be shining your true colors.

We can work with all aspects of your wardrobe from what to wear on stage, on camera, for business, casual, evening, or black tie. I will teach you what to wear to hold a group’s attention, to instill credibility, to evoke passion or to rest.

My proprietary formula goes beyond any singular system. It is more than the four season colors. It is beyond what Carol Tuttle has popularized as a four type system. It is beyond Taylore Sinclair’s four tone system. My system incorporates an east meets west, energy psychology meets energy medicine way of perceiving energy.

Consultation can be done by Skype from anywhere. I find that most clients can easily implement their Signature Style Formula from what I can see thru Skype, photos and videos where applicable. It is ideal to do a shopping trip together. We can shop online when necessary. We all have areas that we could stretch into that we might not try on our own. I support you to step into your most powerful Presence.

Working together remotely, I will be able to see which season the stores will carry your best fabrics and colors. Fortunately, there are businesses that carry warehouses of clothing that can be rented for an occasion or rotated by the month.

You will be able to quickly dress for your events with confidence in your appearance.

Are you ready to have shopping be easier and faster? Ready to have a closet of clothing that you wear and that works well together? You will save money and LOVE what’s in your closet. The feeling of having nothing to wear or never having enough disappears.