Consults: Accessories: glasses, jewelry, shoes, purses

Glasses frame your face and should be chosen like special jewelry for your face. They are a huge part of your first impression. They can make a large statement intentionally or unintentionally. There are websites that let you try on shapes with your face! We can see what will happen before you make your purchase.

Your shoes are the foundation that you are presenting from. Shape and texture in shoes are very impactful. I can teach you how to choose wisely.

It is very interesting to watch women choose their jewelry. The biggest mistake is to wear jewelry that does not match your energy signature. Many women are backed off the statement jewelry that would best suit them. And I love educating women on wearing the jewelry that really matches their natural beauty and essence.

Better to have a few good purses that match your signature style and that go with everything than to have them spoil your picture.

Let me take the mystery out of what to buy no matter what the current fads are suggesting. You can be stylish while staying true to your signature style.