Callan Rush

Callan Rush is a warm, animated author and master educator in the market of leading Luminaries in the workshop, retreat and seminar business. She is beautiful inside and out!

This is an example of what I can do for clients. I did not work with Callan Rush but was excited to watch her transformation. These are photos from her social media. Let’s look at her progression in claiming her visual powerful Presence. We are looking for our ability to authentically connect to her face, to feel the lusciousness of her natural Essence. Do we fall in love with her? Do we want to know what she talking about?

It is tempting to wear soft flowing fabrics to show our feminine nature or to show our Spiritual leanings. Business suits are no longer necessary to gain credibility from an audience. However, fabric and color will strongly influence our visual authority and value.

Look at the difference in her aliveness with the shape of her necklines. The V neck is clearly her friend. Callan has a natural Fire energy which is supported by the V shape and reds and purples in her palette.

Black is often considered a safe go to color. It really flattens the sparkle and richness of Callan’s essence. And the round neckline doesn’t support her energy. Can you see the difference? In a later video, Callan wears a black V neck sweater which looks fine. I would add different jewelry to include an additional element of her energy. There is a current trend to not wear jewelry in photos, to not detract from YOU the subject. In Callan’s case, she could wear more jewelry and more color and still be the outstanding focus of our attention.

When Callan is in her soft, camel sweater and pulled back hair, her energy is flattened.
When Callan is in her flowing white outfit, her authority is diminished.
When Callan wears her V shaped red sweater and deep turquoise, her visual presence is ALIVE! Now, we feel her spark. She grabs our attention.

Makeup can be used in a way that we still look natural, not pancaked over. Great job! Callan is wearing her hair (crown) and makeup in a way that she is feminine and yet more captivating.

And in Callan’s words…Brilliant!