About Elynn

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Elynn Light, LMT, Business Coach, Wardrobe Alchemist, Somatic Therapist, is deeply passionate about assisting others to experience their Divine Presence, Power and Purpose. She has had a lifelong passion for healing, psychology, personal development, spiritual growth, fashion and beauty.

Combining her skills as an intuitive, energy sensitive, artist, fashion designer, public speaker and avid seminar student, Elynn has the gift to SEE when others embrace and embody the sweet spot of their full Divine RADIANCE.

Elynn has worked with individuals and groups. She guides them to choose the elements of wardrobe that express their most powerful, magnetic selves. This same formula can be applied for attracting audiences or mates.

“Harmony and congruence with our Divine Essence creates a magnetic field of attraction.”  Elynn Light

Elynn has worked as a somatic healer for 30 years. Part of healing, she claims is dressing in alignment with our inborn Divine Elements, using color, fabric and angles to support our body. She has made a lifelong study of opening the body and mind to the spiritual peace and power available to us all. She is the Queen/Warrior of tools and systems to have clients claim authentic power and fulfillment in their personal and professional lives.

Elynn’s passion for fashion started in childhood. She grew up next door to an “old time” seamstress. Going to the “dressmaker”, looking at patterns and fabrics were part of her upbringing. Of course, she learned to sew. She became a nurse, then later studied fashion design at FIDM in Los Angeles. Without a gift for sketching, she searched to implement her gifts and sensitive eye for fashion, energy and personal growth.

Elynn was raised in a large Catholic family in Pennsylvania. She has had an intuitive heart connection to the Divine and Christ Consciousness since childhood. In second grade, she raised her hand to question the nun that was teaching. Elynn has been true to the truth in her heart about how God and the Divine work through us all regardless of religion.

Ms Light has been in and around the personal and spiritual growth seminar business since 1980. Starting with Maxwell Maltz, PsychoCybernetics and attending live seminars with Jim Rohn, Denis Waitley, Jim Britt, Deepak Chopra, Wayne Dwyer, Hameed Almas and Taylore Sinclair the avalanche of books and workshops are too numerous to list. Currently, she has studied Christian Mickelsen’s many seminars, Katherine Woodard Thomas’ Calling in the One and Love Mastery, Bill Heinrich’s Divine Purpose, Lisa Sasevich, Maria Andros and Callan Rush. She has had a breadth of focus of teachers and teachings from business to spiritual and health. She has been largely gluten free for thirty five years.

For the past 12 years, Elynn has worked with Image and Presence for individuals and groups. It is her delight to unveil your true beauty and to find just the right clothing to shine your magnificence.

She provides individual consults in person or by Skype, group classes and individual and group shopping trips.